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Willowpads are handmade in Wisconsin, not in a factory or sweatshop. They have a small network of very talented work at home moms located in South Central Wisconsin, that make all of our products for fair wages. All of our fabrics are Certified Organic*. Our Hemp fabrics are Certified Organic and comprised of 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton. Hemp is a superior fabric, one that has been used for hundreds of years for its great strength, durability and resilience to molds and bacteria, plus it grows super fast and is very eco-friendly! Our Certified Organic Cotton premium flannel fabric is grown and milled in the US. and is a heavyweight flannel, thicker and softer than most cotton flannel.


Menstrual Pad

Willowpads are made from our luxurious, heavyweight and extremely absorbent organic cotton flannel. Both the cotton pad and hemp liners are made of the highest quality organic fabrics. They are soft and durable, yet allow for airflow which helps reduce infection. They are as trim as a disposable pad, without all the harsh chemicals and waste! Each pad comes with one organic hemp terry liner to fit, additional liners are available. The snaps are made from nickel-free stainless steel, rustproof, and safe for sensitive skin, without resorting to plastic. These pads do not have a PUL plastic layer that can irritate your skin-because they don't need to! Our menstrual pads are so absorbent and don't leak (our hemp liners and thick flannel are our secrets)!

Comes in natural and black.....
The natural color is undyed and unbleached. Our black pads are deep black in color. There are no fumes or fading with this dyed fabric. The black pads are still organic, based on the way they were dyed.(Low impact, fiber reactive)

Choose size Regular or Long.....
Regular Measures 3" x 9" Great for daytime!
Long Measures 3" x 11" Great for overnight and Postpartum!

Choose style Pocket or AIO....
Pocket pads come apart for thorough cleaning and you can customize absorbency by deciding how many inserts to use. They are more versatile then AIOs as they can be adjusted to fit your changing needs. They can be used for heavy flow (with a second insert) or regular flow (with one insert) and are thin enough to use as panty-liners when you remove the insert and use just the pad. The insert is simple to place and remove as needed. AIO are all sewn together for ease of use. You pick which you prefer, based on your washing conditions and need for customizable absorbency!

Menstrual Pad $10.95 Quantity:
Menstrual Pad 3 Pack $29.90 Quantity:



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