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Clover™ Menstrual Pads


So much money is spent and so much trash is created by disposable menstrual products. In addition, they too have the same chemical properties and source of irritation as disposable diapers. So don’t you deserve the same soft organic cotton comfort as a new baby? These organic cotton menstrual pads are safer, more comfortable, more economical, and more effective than disposable pads.

We thought it best to not label our pads with specific descriptions like “night pad” or “day pad”. Every woman has different needs so we offer four pads to provide the proper protection at different stages of the cycle or during the postpartum period. Only you know best what is the right pad for the right time. PreciousDignity offers these super soft organic cotton that are trim, comfortable, and surprisingly absorbent. All of our pads have wings that snap into place securely. There is no plastic, nylon, or PUL in our pads for breathability.

* The liner is very petite with organic velour on top and organic french terry on the bottom and no internal soaker pad. It’s so light you’ll barely know it’s there! This pad measures 5" × 2.5".
* The regular organic cotton pad is made of two hidden layers of french terry in the internal pad, a layer of french terry on the botton of the pad and topped with velour. The regular pad measures 8"× 3"
* The extra pad is more generous in both length and width plus the internal pad has three layers for additional protection. The extra pad measures 10.75"×4"
* The super pad is comprised of a 11"×13" towel that folds into thirds and snaps into the pad base. The towel is made of organic velour on top and organic heavy weight terry on the bottom. The pad base is made of two layers of organic heavy weight terry. When the towel is folded into thirds and snaped into the base it measures 13"×4" and has eight hard working layers of soft organic cotton fabric.

Made by Precious Dignity in the USA with US grown and milled organic cotton.

Clover Menstrual Pad
$8.95 for one Extra Pad


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