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Mother and Maiden Pads

Mother and Maiden Pads are an All-In-One style cloth pad. Each pad has 3 sections all sewn together. The bottom layer is made up of a leakproof material - microfleece or Wool. The top layer is Bamboo velour, Silk, Cotton Organic Velour or Minkee. Each top layer has a different feel and wicking(pulling moisture away from the skin into the pad). The soakers are layers of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Hemp. Pads have wings and two 20mm Polyresin Snaps to give it adjustability for individual preferences. The pads are sewn right sides together, then turned and topstitched making a channel on the soaker and around the edges to keep it neat. Each pad is handsewn closed prior to stopstitching. This gives them a more finished and professional look than serging does. They are currently available in 8" Regular size. They are winged pads that are 8 inches wide when the wings are open and 2.75-3.25inches wide when they are closed.

These wonderful pads come in a variety of wonderous deluxe materials!
Bamboo/Organic Cotton Velour(70%/30%). Thinner than other Velours it has a silky feel to it. For the top layer you can have...
Hand-dyed Bamboo Velour. The Rainbow is a splotchy mixture of lots of colors. Red River is all red splotches. Royal is mottled purple, Emerald is motted green! These are backed with wool.
Sea Silk Hemp is a silk texture with hemp fabric in a beautiful color and a wool back! What more can you ask for?
Minkee is one of most soft and luxurious fabrics available. This fabric will make you feel like you're sitting on clouds. It is often referred to as feeling like rabbit fur. Minkee holds up very well with repeated washings. This Minkee has a raised texture.
They are backed with Lightweight Black Micro.
Organic Velour topped pads are soft and comfortable. Velour gives them a silky feeling while keeping the skin dry. The velour listed here is 100% cotton. They are backed with Jacobean Lightweight Black Micro.
The soaker layer is always hemp backed with water resistant wool or microfleece.

Mother and Maiden Pads $10.00 Sale $9.00 Quantity:

Bamboo: Royal Purple, Emerald, Sea Silk Hemp, Pumpkin Organic Cotton Velour,

Bamboo: Red River, Royal Purple, Emerald, Sea Silk Hemp, Pumpkin Organic Cotton Velour,


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