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Christy, owner of Fussybutt Baby Stuff and mom to my lovely daughters Anya (born in August of 2002) and Zella (born in March of 2006) creates these lovely products in her home! Before she had children she worked as an architect in Houston, but with the birth of her first child decided to leave career behind and focus on family.


Moonbow Organic Wool-Backed Pads

All-In-One Organic Wool Backed Menstrual Pads
Size Petite Moonbow-
7.5" long x 2.5" wide

Topped with a layer of either bamboo velour fabric, Fussybutt Moonbow pads feature a hidden layer of bamboo/organic cotton blend fleece (70% bamboo/30% organic cotton) and are backed with our favorite certified 100% organic merino wool jersey. These pads are machine washable, just toss them in the laundry and go. (Warm wash, low-heat dry recommended for optimal care although high heat will NOT shrink the wool.)

Each pad will fit in different sized undergarments with the option of two snap settings. These are trim yet absorbent; comfortable and convenient. Because these pads are hand dyed colors are variable and shades will vary from the pictures!

Moonbow Pads with Wings Petitie $10.00 Quantity:


Now available in Wingless. I love the trimness of Wingless pads! Same great pad with the bamboo velour top, a hidden layer of bamboo/organic cotton blend fleece (70% bamboo/30% organic cotton) and backed with machine washable certified 100% organic merino.

Or use them paired with our Moonbow winged menstrual pads for maximum protection. Fussybutt wingless MoonBooster pads will fit on top of or underneath your winged Moonbow cloth pads. These versatile combinations will allow for maximum protection (6 to 7 total layers) with minimum bulk, while at the same time being easier to thoroughly clean than a single sewn-together pad with the same amount of layers. They add a minimal amount of bulk but are surprisingly comfortable snapped underneath a winged Moonbow, and there's sure to be no leaks through six layers of organic bamboo and wool!

Regular size MoonBoosters measure approx. 9.5" in length and 2.5" at the smallest width. These work best paired with large or extra-large Moonbows, or alone as wingless pads (but watch you do not loose them in the bathroom!). They will also work with regular Moonbows .

Moonbow Wingless Pads $6.00 Quantity:




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