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Since the 1930's, internally worn reusable menstrual cups have been used worldwide as an innovative and reliable form of feminine hygiene protection. They are safe and comfortable alternative to unhealthy disposable tampons. Many women find they have much shorter, lighter, more comfortable periods when they avoid the harmful chemicals in disposable products. The DivaCup is an accepted redesigned version of this proven concept using medical grade silicone (which is much less likely to trigger reactions then gum rubber). Unlike tampons, which are drying, The DivaCup is nonabsorbent, and does not disturb your natural vagina acidity or moisture levels or disrupt the vagina's natural function of flushing away dead cells, bacteria and impurities. It is 2" long and can hold one full ounce. The entire menstrual cycle is an average of 3-4 oz. Use is simple, depending on your flow, empty 2-3 times per 24 hour day, wash & reinsert. May be worn for a maximum of 12 hours, even overnight. Ideal for all activities, swimming, sports and traveling. They are sanitary, comfortable, convenient, easy to use, reusable , environmental, reliable and economical. Try the Dependable Internal Vaginal Alternative!

The DivaCup $39.50
Size 1-Under 30 years with no childbirth or CSection
Size 2-After childbirth/CSection or over 30



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