Erin invented snackTAXIs as a way to stem the tide of plastic ziplock bags that flowed from our house to the landfill when her 3 kids started school! They pack over 500 lunches every year, and had definitely fallen prey to the easy appeal of the ziplock bag.

snackTAXIs are easy too- really! They are made in their home-based workshop by talented (and fun!) local sewers- they are committed to keeping their business local, and will never outsource their labor.

We hope you'll enjoy using snackTAXIs as much as they enjoy making them!

SnackTAXIs are a great alternative to plastic bags and wraps, especially when just one reusable bag has the potential to eliminate an average of 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime!

snackTAXIs can be machine washed and dried, or simply wiped clean with a damp sponge or rinsed with water and air dried. As with anything that gets washed, they will last longer with hand washing and air drying, but they are quite durable any way you wash them!

The exterior of a snackTAXI is comprised of 100% cotton. They are lined with a waterproof material that consists of nylon with a polyurethane coating.

The sandwich-sack is the perfect fit for a generous sandwich, bagel or wrap, or a hearty snack! Dimensions: 7.5" W x 6" H

SnackTAXI $8.90 for sandwich size Quantity:

Batik Bubbles, Butterflies on Dark, Cakes, Disco Dots,

Mod Dots, Mod Green Swirls,

Mod Red Blooms, Peace Flowers, Ta Dots Red,



This set of 6 snack-sacks and 6 markers allows folks to cook up their own unique snackTAXIs! They're great for parties, too- it's a craft activity and party favor all in one! Set includes: 6 pale green snack-sacks & 6 nontoxic permanent fabric markers (marker colors: yellow, green, grey, pink, purple, turquoise)

Make Your Own Taxi set of 6 and markers $47.90 Sale $42.90 Quantity:


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