Moms everywhere today are looking for an alternative to plastic dishes. First, you have the concern about BPA. And secondly, they’re a pain because you can’t microwave with them. But the solution to all that is clear—as clear as glass, in fact.

When Valeri was in grade school growing up outside Paris, her cafeteria always had the same, virtually indestructible glasses, bowls, and plates. They were all made from safe, tempered glass and all had the same familiar logo on the bottom: Duralex. The name was a part of every French child’s daily life. In the 60s and 70s, school administrators in France ordered Duralex dishes by the thousands because they were so amazingly durable and safe. (Tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass and doesn’t break into sharp shards when it does fail. Apparently it’s so shock-resistant because it’s manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling.)

All of which is why Valerie is thrilled to introduce these Duralex glasses to the U.S. as Kidishes. They’re 100% recyclable, great in the dishwasher, and microwave-friendly—so no more heating up your child’s food in a ceramic dish, only to transfer it to a plastic one. And, of course, there are no concerns about BPA or other chemical leaching. Finally, we love their retro, no-nonsense design. So get back to basics. Give your child a glass that’s actually a glass. Try Kidishes. The clear and simple alternative to plastic.

*Valerie's 18-month old daughter, Sophie, has repeatedly subjected the glasses to her patent-pending “High Chair to Hardwood” stress test. So far our expectations, like the dishes, have remained un-shattered. Which is what inspired us to further the testing with 6-year old, Zoë:


Kidishes Tumbler

The perfect size for little hands. The famous Picardie glass from Duralex.

Size Small is 4.50 oz (great for toddlers)
Medium is 5.75 oz (great for small kids 4 and up)
Large is 7.75 oz (great for kids 8 and up)

Made in France by Duralex.

Kidishes Tumbler $3.90 Medium each Quantity:


To be clear, Kidishes are not unbreakable. They're made with tempered glass, which means they're 2 ½ times stronger than regular glass—but they're still glass. They will break when dropped on hard surfaces like ceramic tile, cement floors, or granite countertops.


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