Kid Konserve Cotton Napkins

These napkins are a great, fun alternative to paper napkins. Use in the school cafeteria or pre-school lunch room as a napkin or a place-mat to put food on and avoid those dirty, germ filled surfaces! Name-tag prominently displayed so they won't get lost. Easy to wash. Use in sets at home for more stylish reusable dinner napkins.

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EcoNapkins and Bamboo Spork Gift Set

Includes three napkins in a variety of wonderful prints and 1 Bambu Spork!

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The Willow Everywhere Napkin

The perfect companion for the active lifestyle, whether it’s a quick meal grabbed at the office or on the go. Strong yet soft—and a real money saver. Great for lunches and travel. 10" by 10" of organic Hemp.

Made in America.

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Willow Forever Dinner Napkin

Essential green elegance! Present the dash of practical linen at your dinner table, but with the green touch. Generous restaurant-sized dinner table napkins with the important, Made-in-America WillowBags quality. Reusable with Style!

17" by 17" Organic Hemp.

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The Willow Forever Cloth

Why throw your money out with the trash? Save money the easy way with reusable, ultra-absorbent organic cloths. Strong enough for those everyday spills, yet gentle enough for your skin. No more paper towels-the Forever cloth does it all! Made to stay soft and last for years.

Measures a generous 12” by 10.5"; absorbent, organic hemp fleece and made in America.

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